Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rebuild Challenge update

For those of you who don't know, there is another side game going on right now.  Four teams entered season 4 competing in the Raines Rebuild Challenge.  Only 2 of the 4 original owners remain but the new owners have taken over the challenge.  The team who wins the most games in season 7 will win the challenge and win $30 in WIS credits.

Here is update on the four teams:

Team #1:  Anaheim Avengers
Owner:  gregor199
Current record: 32-31

Summary:  gregor199 is a veteran owner and he quickly has turned around the team and winning over 50% of his games this season.  He also has some serious prospects that are nearly ML ready.

Pete Drew

Juan Valentin

Las Vegas Handicapping:  25% chance of winning


Team #2:  Arizona Aztecs
Owner:  purplehaze54
Current record:  37-26

Summary:   purplehaze54  wasted no time with his rebuild.  He took a team that had won 47 games and is now on pace to win 95 games this year.  The future looks bright as his top 5-6 players at the ML level are under 28 years old.  If he can resign all these players he will have a solid core for many years.

He also has the #1 draft pick, Neifi Veras developing in the minors, who should be ready by season 7.

Las Vegas Handicapping:  30% chance of winning


Team #3:   Washington DC
Owner:  rquin9
Current record:  25-38

Summary:  rquin9 is taking a more patient approach.  He managed down his salary to less than $35 is loading up on prospects through the draft and IFA market.  But he will become a major force one his prospects come up or fully develop:

Benji Diaz:

Naoto Chang

Wally Neil

Branden Leonard

Mendy Ma

Las Vegas Handicapping:  35% chance of winning


Team #4:  New Orleans Stars
Owner:  johnboy5
Current record:  16-47

Summary:  johnboy 5 took over for manutdfan7 who started the rebuild.  The team is definitely building for the future and playing aggressively in the draft and IFA market.  However, with only 16 wins, the team is at risk of missing the 52 game minimum win requirement.  If the team can meet the mark and gain the top draft pick, it could be a big boost.

Top prospects include:

William Suzuki

Fernando De La Rosa

Las Vegas Handicapping:  10% chance of winning

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