Thursday, August 20, 2015

Here is updated standings.  I doubled checked everything and found a couple errors.  Should be good now.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fantasy Fantasy After 1 game

Hi guys,

Here is the entries for the Fantasy Fantasy game and standings after the first game. Should be interesting as 22 of the 32 teams were chosen.   Louisville and Houston were the top choices.

The winner will receive $70 in credits and I will put $60 towards our recruiting fund.

If anyone else is interested in joining, I'll accept late entries for another 24 hours.

Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hi guys -  I am really hoping you guys will agree to participate in my latest concoction of a side game - the $10 Fantasy Fantasy Baseball game.

The Crystal Ball Challenge last year raised $30 that was absolutely critical.  We were sitting on 6 openings and the $30 encouraged 3 people to join over 2 days and get us to manageable number.  Given how difficult it is to recruit new owners these days, we would probably still be waiting.

Here is how the new game works:

For a $10 entry fee, you have $10 to spend on Raines HBD teams.  Each team comes at a different cost based on their performance last season with a few adjustments based on my best guess of predicted performance this season.

For each team you pick, you get:
- 1 point for each regular season win that your teams accumulate
- 20 points for each division title your teams win
- 20 points for for each playoff series your teams win including World Series
- 40 additional points if one of your teams wins the World Series

Your point total is the cumulative total of each of teams you buy with your $10.  You can spend less than $10 but not more than $10.  You can pick your own team!

The winner earns 50% of the pot and the other 50% goes to the recruiting fund for next season.

Here is the cost of each team:

Ottawa                   $2.75
Sioux Falls             $2.50
Toledo                   $1.50
Madison                 $1.50

Louisville               $4.25
Columbus               $1.50
Syracuse                 $1.50
San Juan                  $1.00

Tampa Bay              $2.75
Texas                       $2.00
New Orleans           $1.75
Charlotte                 $1.50

Sacramento             $2.00
Arizona                   $1.50
Las Vegas                $1.50
Anaheim                   $1.25

Vancouver                  $3.75
Kansas City                $2.00
Chicago                     $1.75
Cleveland                  $1.00

Pittsburgh                 $2.50
Baltimore                  $1.75
Washington DC        $1.50
Boston                       $1.25

Houston                     $3.00
Mexico City              $1.75
San Antonio              $1.50
Richmond                  $1.00

Portland                     $2.25
San Francisco            $2.25
Oklahoma City          $1.50
Iowa City                   $1.50

To enter: trade chat me your teams and send me a WIS gift certificate for $10 (I'll give you instructions)

Please, please, please join!  The more people that enter the more fun and more money we will have to ensure a quick turnover next season.  Let me know if you have any questions.