Thursday, April 30, 2015

Introducing the "Raines Rebuild Challenge"  We have 4 new owners competing for the title of master rebuilder.   I offered up the four worst available teams and offered a challenge:  the owner with the best record in season 7 will win a $30 gift certificate.   The teams were snatched up quickly with really good new owners eager to take on the challenge.  

He are your challengers:

Little Rock Red Devils (manutdfan7)

Scott takes over a franchise that won 71 games last year.  He is hoping for a strong draft to utilize his #7 overall pick and 14 million in scouting for both college and high school.

These guys also came relatively cheap allowing Scott to manage his payroll down to $55M. With a player budget of $83M, he has plenty of room to sign international free agents or make some trades.

He also has a couple good pieces to start with including Pete Drew, 20 year old RF who should project to be close to an 80 OVR.

Also  John Woo.  Fresh off his Hong Kong action film directing career, he is now a future All-star at LF.  Should reach 80s or 90s in all major hitting categories.

Las Vegas Death Start (gdfan)

Rick takes over the old Oakland franchise which won 70 games last year.  He joined before rollover which meant he was able to maintain budgets and invest 20 in HS scout and 20 in international scouting.  With only $36M in salary and a $71M budget, plus the #6 pick, he should be able to pick up some strong players in both the draft and IFA market.

He also started with a roster that had some really strong players.
- Dave Arnold, a 23 year old ML 3B with great defensive and suitable bat.
- Hulk Conti, as 21 year old AAA 2B with great defensive and ML-ready bat.
- Angel Garrido, a 2nd year AA player who projects to be a bullpen inning horse.
- Daymon Maybin, a first year Low A player at LF who was the #3 overall pick and projects to be an all-star player
- Francisco  DaSilva, a $10M international signing who projects to be a strong setup guy,
- Denny Morgan, #15 overall pick this season in RF,

Arizona Aztecs (purplehaze54)

Rich takes over a team that has 43,54, and 47 wins in the last three seasons.   He will have the #1 draft pick this year to really kick-star the rebuild.  But he certainly has a lot of pieces to work with given the remnants of past high draft picks:
The #1 draft pick in season 2.  Total stud.
- Arthur Riggan  23 year old starting pitcher with 90 vR split
- Fred McDonald  23 year old shortstop with good balance of offense/defensive
22 year old starting pitcher with SP2/3 potential
23 year old catcher with high defense and strong bat.

Washington DC Senators (rquin9)

Rquin9 jumped into replace the old coach before the rollover and was able to gear up his team for the rebuild.   He has the #2 overall pick and $18M in high school scouting.   He also has managed to invest $16M in international scouting and manage his payroll down to $40M.  So if he plays his cards right, he should end up with one of top international free agents and 1 of the top 2 players in the draft.

Rquin9 has also been active in the trading market, trading away all-star 1B Dean Warden for a slew of good prospects including the #1 overall pick in season 3, Wally Neill

You add this to the mix of good 21-24 year old talent …
- David Rodriguez 24 year old 2B who is ready for the ML
21 year old 3B with 80 OVR rating sitting in AA
22 year good defensive 2B with a ML capable bat
22 year old starting pitcher with strong splits and pitches

… and you have the making of a future dynasty here.

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